Enhancing Personal, Relational, Professional, and Community Change for the Socially Conscious
Personal Growth & Healing Relationships Coaching Support Groups

Personal Growth & Healing

Be more of the person who you want to be! Together we will create a collaborative process for your self-examination, self-discovery, self-reflection, and self-actualization.

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Whether you want to stay together or break up, identify your strengths and challenges, change unhelpful patterns, learn strategies, and together make a plan for positive change.

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Gain insight, clarity and energy to set goals and to succeed at making the changes you want to make. Whether they are personal, relationship or professional goals, we will work together to make things happen. Anti-racist ally coaching.

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Support Groups

Join like-minded progressive people. Together give and receive support in a confidential safe group setting. Make healthy connections. Address personal challenges. Gain new skills and fresh perspectives.

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Meet Irene

Compassionate and socially-conscious. 30 years of experience as a coach, counselor, and educator.

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