Enhancing Personal, Relational, Professional and Community Change for the Socially Conscious
COVID-19 Support for Professionals & Community Organizers Coaching Workshops & Consultation Political Action Support Support Groups

COVID-19 Support for Professionals & Community Organizers

COVID-19 Self-Care and Wellness Support Groups and Trainings for Social Service, Mental Health, Medical Professionals and Social Justice Community Organizers.

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Gain insight, clarity and energy to set goals and to succeed at making the changes you want to make. Whether they are personal, relationship or professional goals, we will work together to make things happen.

Workshops & Consultation

Learn strategies to reduce personal and professional burnout, political trauma stress, compassion and oppression fatigue. Increase self-care and build stronger relationships. LGBTQIAP2S issues. Address white privilege and racial equity.

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Political Action Support

Support and resources related to anti-racism work, social justice activism, political trauma stress, and oppression fatigue

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Support Groups

Join like-minded progressive people. Together give and receive support in a confidential safe group setting. Make healthy connections. Address personal challenges. Gain new skills and fresh perspectives.

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Meet Irene

Compassionate and socially-conscious. 30 years of experience as a coach, counselor, and educator.

Services Offered

Learn about Irene’s individual, group and relationship work, and professional consultation. Plus, telehealth COVID-19.

Groups, Workshops & Trainings

Find out about Irene's groups, workshops and professional trainings.

Contact & Location

Contact Irene to arrange a free 30-minute phone consultation. Plus, address, bus, car and bike directions.

Contact Irene
To learn about the individual and relationship, group and training services offered by Irene, schedule your complimentary 30 minute consultation.

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