Rainbow Watercolor

An open letter to my LGBTQ friends and colleagues who work and volunteer in the Queer mental health communities:

When the hate and violence against our communities is so densely profound, those of us in the helping professions need to take extra care of ourselves and of each other. 

In the next several days many of us will support and affirm the reactions, sadness, anger and fear of our LGBTQ clients. Hour after hour, like we always do, we will show up for them as they share their stories and their pain.

This time, though, their pain, anger and fear are our pain, anger and fear; and it is all inter-connected to the deep pain, anger and fear of our collective LGBTQ communities.

Compassion and oppression fatigue present dangerous double risks for minority community members who serve in their own minority communities.

Please, be radical: make intentional time for intentional self-care.

To our allied cisgender and straight colleagues, friends and family: an extra nod of kindness and understanding can go a long way; Of course, your consistent actions towards change, equality and justice can go even farther.